Dairy farmers have been using pellets for decades now to feed their animals. A good quality pellet actually offers a lot of benefits to the farmers such as decreased eating periods, improved palatability, less segregation in the feed and reduced waste.

Similarly, pelleting the feed also enables the farmers to increase the efficiency of the feed and performance of the animals.

Dairy Feed Pellets:  Experts have been debating on whether pelleting is necessary for the feed of dairy animals such as cows for decades now. The debate has intensified recently as this type of feeding has become a favourite cow method and a major part of their ration consists of roughage.

Knowing The Different Types of Feed

There are in fact, many types of feeds that can be fed to cows, for example, crumbles, meals, coarse fix and pellets. The greatest advantage of dairy pellets is that cows consume them more readily and rapidly when compared to other forms of cow food. This becomes even more important and beneficial when the cows have limited time to feed such as in the case of milking parlour feeding where the eating time might have the most limiting effect on the production of the milk.

Furthermore, the pellets produce less waste as mentioned above and therefore, are very economical method to feed the dairy animals as well. This is especially important for small dairy farmers for whom every cent counts. Similarly, the waste reduction also helps farmers a lot during the droughts because they will have to spend less amount of money feeding cows.

Dairy pellets also improve the palatability of the cow feed making cows to eat almost anything that is offered to them. The improved palatability further means that you are making cows to adapt to a certain kind of feed or fodder that you want them to eat in order to increase their efficiency and make them produce more milk.

Finally, it is always good to feed pelleted concentrates to the cow as there is nothing wrong in it rather it is really a beneficial and fruitful method of feeding dairy animals.

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