Assalam o Alikum
Extending our sincere gratitude to our customers for their unwavering support for us, we pledge to be a National company that you can be proud of. Nayab feed is introduced in 2016 with a social mission of contributing to animal health & production. In the midst of a changing environment that affects animal health, our mission is to keep feed safe and secure. I believe that adapting flexibly and proposing new products is essential to satisfying our customers needs. Surely, this challenge is a great opportunity for our further growth.
Behind our great success is a venturesome, entrepreneurial spirit. This pioneering spirit that has driven us to journey into unknown territories remains deeply embedded in our DNA. For the past years, Nayab feed has lived with great passion. Nayab Feed will continue to challenge as one and channel our best efforts into one to provide our customers with savory moments full of smiles. My vision for the future of the company that I see in 10 years is that Nayab feed should be synonymous with dairy farming. Nayab feed should be a leader in guiding the industry to a better future.
Danish Jawad