Pork vs Beef

Pork is the name used to refer to the meat obtained from pig and beef is the meat from large cattle such as cows. Both pork and beaf are equally popular in western countries and there are people who cannot live without their daily dose of either steaks (beef) or hams (pork). People chose to stay away from beef during the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease and from pork when there was an outbreak of swine flu. But in general, both meats are considered delicacies and restaurants across the country are serving dishes made out of both types of meats. This article tries to differentiate between the two types of meats.


Pork is perhaps the most widely consumed meat across the world with nearly 40% in total consumption if all meats are taken into consideration. Usually the raw meat obtained from the pig is called pork which is left unsalted, but there are people who call even the salted and cured meat as pork. Pork is inexpensive in comparison to beef, and this is why its consumption is so high. While ham and bacon are most popular around the world, in western countries it is sausages made out of processed pork (e.g. salami) that dominate over other dishes. Hot dogs that are so famous in America contain mostly pork.


Beef is the meat from large cattle, mostly cows. Beef is considered to be a delicacy in most parts of the world. USA, EU, Brazil, and China top the countries where beef is most popular. Different cuts from different body parts of the animal are used to prepare several types of dishes. While some cuts are used to make steaks, roasts, and short ribs, while some of the meat is ground and used in sausages.

After the outbreak of mad cow syndrome, there has been a growing demand for grass fed beef and organic beef. Kobe beef, which is the meat from a species found in Japan, is very popular in the west.

In brief:

• Beef is more expensive than pork
• Beef has higher fat content than pork
• Beef is called red meat while pork is labeled white meat
• Beef also has higher levels of cholesterol
• Beef contains muscle fibers called slow twitch fibers whereas pork contains fast twitch fibers.

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